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Forza Suwon! Korea Team Fighting!

Posted by steigs on March 6, 2008

The LA Galaxy has been on a tour of Asia, taking full advantage of the benefits of having David Beckham on the team.  (Well, maybe not full advantage — I imagine that the Chinese are buying knock-off Beckham jerseys, not official ones.)  They tied FC Seoul earlier this week, then lost on penalties.

South Korea’s K-League doesn’t have much of a profile over here.  To the extent we notice an Asian league — which isn’t much — it’s Japan’s J-League, which has more high-profile foreigners and has a highlight show FSC runs to help fill out its schedule.  Gamba Osaka of the J-League, for example, recently crushed the Dynamo to win the pre-season Pan-Pacific tourney in Hawaii. 

But as FC Seoul demonstrated, the K-League does have some decent teams and players.  Koreans can play, with South Korea being Asia’s most consistent World Cup performer, and the country is increasingly prosperous, which can help build a league.  I saw some of that myself on a trip to Korea in ’04, where I caught a Suwon game.  The Suwon Bluewings are one of Asia’s better club teams.  My notes on playing tourist in Seoul, Korean soccer in general, and the Suwon game are after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


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