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The Kun-Maradona-Riquelme situation

Posted by steigs on June 23, 2009

Otherwise known as “When life imitates Dream Team, Argentina National Team edition.”  Courtesy of Kickette:

Kun [Aguero]  was a nat’l team regular until earlier this month when he was benched for the Argentina NT loss to Ecuador.

– Instead of seeking solace with his fiancée, or spending all his free time dribbling a football, he visited a night club in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires the evening of June 10. He was wearing a black shirt and white cap. Neither of which, we suspect, were his best clothing options.

– Reports say he was accompanied by a blonde. And dancing with a blonde. And leaving – via the back door at 5 a.m. – with a blonde.

– The club PR person confirmed the baller spotting and dance floor antics.

– Kun’s gal, Giannina is definitely not blonde. Neither is their son, Benjamin or her father, Diego Maradona.

– We’re gonna say with 99.9% certainty that the Aguero family tree does not include any blondes either. 

– Rumors swirl and eventually land on Pia Martinez, a topless Argentinean model. She once dated Real Madrid’s Gago but after a video tape of them having sex popped
up, they broke it off. She claims a case of “always blaming the naked chick”
and denies the stories. She says after her rendezvous, publicly and privately, with Gago, “no guys will touch” her.

First, if her pictures are accurate, I refuse to believe that “no guys will touch” Pia Martinez.  More importantly, you’d think if you would marry Maradona’s daughter, you wouldn’t mess around with her — let alone when Diego is the national team coach.  Hmm.  Though it does sound like the kind of thing Maradona would have done back in his day.  A case of do as I say, not as I did…


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River = Vida

Posted by steigs on May 19, 2008

A highlight of the FSC schedule for me is the weekly game from Argentina.  It’s late in the Clausura and this past weekend Estudiantes moved past River Plate into first place.  Things sound a little tense on the River side:

With few second-half scoring chances, the match ground down uneventfully with River fans insulting their players and River coach Diego Simeone expelled in the 86th minute for shouting at the referee.

That’s too bad — I was lucky enough to catch River’s fans on a better day, when I saw a game at Estadio Monumental back in ’04.  It was a wild affair in front of a huge and passionate audience.  I even got a preview of Marcelo Gallardo, now with DC United, back in his days with Los Millonarios.  Read on after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

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Like a “little red bug”

Posted by steigs on April 11, 2008

One of DC United’s multitude of new South American imports this season is Franco Niell, a forward on loan (presumably with an option to buy) from Argentinos Juniors in (duh) Argentina.  He’s of the small pesky type and, based on his initial few games, plays like a “rambunctious gnome,” as I believe someone on bigsoccer described him.  His nickname translates as “the dwarf,” which makes sense since Franco appears to be around 5-3. 

He’s been okay so far, impressing more with energy than skill, but came up with a goal as a substitute against Pachuca Wednesday at RFK.  Some may wonder what an Argentine kid like Niell is doing in MLS.  Why not live at home in Buenos Aires?  Well, the economy in Argentina — and thus its league — have some issues.  And, as someone who has seen Argentinos Juniors play, RFK may feel like a step up.  For more on my visit to Estadio Diego Maradona, home of Argetinos Juniors — known as the “little red bugs” — and first professional home of Argentina’s beloved #10, read on after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Overkill, but that’s a good thing!

Posted by steigs on March 6, 2008

The US starts World Cup qualifying in June with a two-leg preliminary series against either Barbados (ranked #133) or Dominica (ranked #182).  Should be a formality before the semi-final round of regional qualifying later in the year. 

Still, we need to make sure our team is sharp and has some practice in advance of those games, given the tremendous costs of a hiccup in qualifying.  So the Federation is scheduling some friendlies to get the team warmed up.  What teams will we play?  It’s looking like:

England at Wembley on May 28th.  At Spain on June 4th.  And Argentina on June 8th, perhaps at the Meadowlands.  That would be three of the top 11 teams in FIFA’s rankings (such as they are).  That’s a string of three games — two on the road — with maybe one-third of the countries that can claim with a straight face to be contenders to win the World Cup.  Yeah, I know England just choked out of Euro 2008 qualifying and Spain routinely blows it once it makes it to an international tourney.  Still, that’s a murderer’s row of games.  That should quiet the bigsoccer types who complained about our weak friendlies in advance of the ’06 Cup, much as I enjoyed a second opportunity to see Latvia play in person.

Yeah, our team might be ready to play mighty Barbados after that trio of games.  If they survive.  I can’t imagine what the Federation will schedule as a warm-up for the final round of qualifying next year.  Maybe Brazil and road games in Italy, Germany, Holland AND an African tour to play Ivory Coast and Ghana?  Yowza.

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