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So if Beckham = Brad Pitt…

Posted by steigs on February 5, 2009

So the New York Times Goal blog has identified a pop culture equivalent of the Galaxy/Beckham/AC Milan situation.  Beckham = Brad Pitt.  The Galaxy = Jennifer Aniston.  AC Milan = Angelina Jolie.

It reads like the tabloid coverage of a celebrity relationship breakup. Think Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie. And now, the lawyers are involved.

Representatives of David Beckham (Pitt in this scenario) are reportedly in talks with the L.A. Galaxy (Aniston) to extend the midfielder’s loan deal at A.C. Milan (the sexy and sultry Jolie, for the purposes of this metaphor). So says Ms. Jolie, er, Milan’s vice president, Adriano Galliani.

Well, I suppose Beckham is the only soccer player who is featured in US Weekly.  But I wonder what this means if it holds true in the future.  Will AC Milan and Beckham go on to bring in a rag-tag group of young footballing orphans from around the globe?  Will the Galaxy go through a series of high-profile failed “designate player” replacements for Beckham?  Does this make Cobi Jones the equivalent of a former Friends cast member like Matthew Perry?


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