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Life Imitates Dream Team, Juventus edition

Posted by steigs on September 2, 2008

Player locking team president in a toilet?

Tiago is desperate to play in the Champions League and was upset at the Bianconeri president for attempting to push him toward Everton and Monaco who are not involved in Europe’s premier competition. Thus, Tiago locked Cobolli in the washroom as a sort of revenge. Rumours suggest that he was locked inside for over an hour before Del Piero heard the patron.

That’s one way to get a transfer, worthy of Harchester.  In typical fashion, who was it who came to the Juve President’s rescue? 

“In any case, Alessandro Del Piero responded to the noise I made banging on the door and offered to break it down.”

Typical Del Piero, always scoring late!


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