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El Jefe

Posted by steigs on April 3, 2008

While the DC United season has gotten off to a slow start, with the team now riding back-to-back 2-0 losses, one bright spot in my opinion has been our new central defenders, Gonzalo Martinez and Gonzalo Peralta.  So far they’ve been tough, seem to read the game well, and react well to pressure.  It’s a bit confusing to have two new players in the same position with the same first name.  Ask Paul Caligiuri, who on the broadcast of the Harbor View game felt the need to state that they were not brothers, despite having the same name.  They are very different physically, with Peralta taller and fair-skinned and Martinez shorter with dark skin.  My wife, M., has dubbed them “tall Gonzalo” and “short Gonzalo.”  That is a serviceable pair of nicknames.  She takes defenders seriously, having been one in her youth, and approves of them both so far.  But surely a team that currently boasts “the doll” (Gallardo) and “the flea” (Niell) and used to boast “el Diablo” can do better than that.

So I was pleased to learned that Martinez recently introduced himself at a team function as “El Jefe.”  I hereby encourage the United blogosphere to adopt this nickname for Martinez.  The more nicknames, the better!


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