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When Life Imitates “Dream Team”…

Posted by steigs on December 8, 2007

For years the Fox Soccer Channel has been airing re-runs of the British soap opera “Dream Team,” about the goings-on at a mythical EPL team, Harchester United.  They neatly doctor actual EPL footage for the game sequences so nearly episode contains dramatic goals and saves.  What’s much more dramatic are the events off the pitch, a relentless string of affairs, blackmail, boardroom coups all conducted by some very pretty people.  I watched a couple of seasons before they got rid of too many characters I liked.  My wife, M., continues to TIVO it.  As a result, I’ve gotten in the habit of pointing out instances where real life sounds like an episode of “Dream Team.”  Our first installment here takes us to Italy, courtesy of

Cagliari’s Marchini: Foggia Had Me Attacked Me In A Bar

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Pasquale Foggia’s time at Cagliari is not all that it seems. Indeed, Davide Marchini claims that the on-loan star has had him attacked…

Davide Marchini and Pasquale Foggia were embroiled in a training-ground feud back in October, but their troubles did not end there.  For Marchini’s lawyer, Piero Olla, has claimed that the Cagliari pair have since been involved in a further controversy, one that saw Foggia allegedly order an attack on his teammate.

The lawyer told Gazzetta dello Sport, “Marchini and Foggia’s troubles started with a training ground incident on October 24.  The two exchanged insults, with Foggia saying, ‘Let’s see what happens on Monday.'”

“The following Monday, October 29, Marchini was at Caffè Agorà in Cagliari with striker Robert Acquafresca. Foggia came in and asked to sit at their table.

“Marchini refused, so Foggia left. But in came a name with a thick Neapolitan accent, who sat down next to Marchini.

“He asked why Marchini had fought with Foggia in training. Marchini got up to leave, but then the man punched him in the nose.

“Marchini tried to escape, only to be chased by his assailant, who was at this time wielding a chair.

“Marchini escaped, and the man threw the chair at a parked car as Foggia and Acquafresca stood outside.”

How much of this is true remains to be seen, but in light of such shocking revelations, the Sardinian club must surely investigate further.


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